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How to Use Forks on a Backhoe Bucket

November 25th, 2012

by Raymond Hayes |

Like Bobcats and fork lifts, backhoes have forks as well. Find out how to use the forks on a backhoe front loader bucket in this free video.


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Three Important Farm Tractor Implements – Bale Spears, Blades, and Box Blades

August 24th, 2012

by Keggy Ambrose |

We understand that working the land has its rewards and its challenges. We also know that with the right tractor implements and tools in your hands, the job becomes that much easier and safer for you.

Bale spears are one of the most important tools needed for properly handling round hay bales. You will save much time and increase productivity by using the correct bale handling tools. You can find an excellent selection online that will mount either on the back of your tractor or to the front of a skid-steer. When properly loaded onto your equipment the large round hay bales won’t spin and potentially become difficult to handle.

You have a choice to choose from various styles of bale spears and tines (spikes) to fit just about any model of tractor on the market today. The selection even includes a hydraulic unit that is available with a lifting capacity of roughly 4,000 pounds.

Bale spears or spikes are helpful farm and tractor implements for getting the job of moving those large round hay bales on your farm done efficiently and safely. Do your homework and you will be able to purchase bale handling equipment online for less than you would elsewhere and you’ll not only have the right tool in hand for doing the job right, you’ll save a little green at the same time.

When looking for a blade or box blade to help you with projects around the place it is not had to find several styles and types from which to choose. Whether you’re looking for something light duty that will help you move sand, mulch, gravel, dirt, sod, or snow, you can easily find one that will fit your project. Generally box blades are for the heavier duty type projects whereas lighter three point blades will help out nicely with the easier ones.

The heavier units are excellent for projects such as removing roots, removing topsoil, leveling building or yard sites, or preparing and building grades. Whether you have been a landowner for quite some time or have just recently become one, you already know how important it is to have the right equipment to make an easier job of your bigger projects.

Box blades can be used on your farm or acreage for preparing a lawn for seed or sod or for spreading gravel onto a new driveway. Topsoil can easily be moved with one as well and it will come in handy for preparing an area for gardening or planting.

Light duty three point blades are typically used for snow removal or for light landscaping applications.

Bale Spears, Blades and Box Blades are considered standard farm tractor implements that no landowner can be without, especially when you can do the job yourself for a lot less than paying someone else to come in and do it for you.


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