Getting Attached: Maximize Efficiency Using Work Tools for Loaders

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The more tasks a given machine can perform, the fewer dedicated-task machines it will be necessary to own. Skid-steer and utility loaders offer tremendous options.

The best way to maximize a loader’s potential is to take full advantage of work tools or attachments. Stump grinders, augers and other attachments offer versatility for tree care industry professionals, nurseries, landscapers and more.

“Compact loaders — whether they are skid-steer, track or all-wheel-steer — are versatile machines that have been used for years in a wide variety of applications,” said Gloria Palm ofBobcat Company. “However, the versatility of the loader is dependent on the attachments it’s equipped with.

“Attachments give the loader the ability to be used in many different applications without the cost associated with owning and hauling application-dedicated machines. A contractor can trailer a load used to perform multiple tasks that a job help contractors save money.”

According to Palm, a skid-steer loader and a fleet of various job-matched attachments are considerably less expensive than the price of application dedicated machines. The skid-steer loader and attachment combination is also are more maneuverable in confined areas.

“Applications-dedicated equipment is designed to serve one particular function,” said Palm. “When that function is finished, the machine sits idle while another machine designed to do another function works.”

Palm added that a skid-steer loader and attachment combination not only saves contractors money in equipment costs, but also provides the ability to offer more services. For example, in northern states, some treecare contractors have to shut down in the winter, but a skid-steer loader equipped with a snow blower attachment allows the contractor to offer other services to customers.

According to Caterpillar, manufacturers understand the importance of work tools and continued to develop new work tools to meet the needs of more applications. In addition, manufacturers also have improved existing work tools.

The following is a sample of some of the attachments sold by Bucket Solutions:

  • Light duty pallet forks – Lifts up to 1,200 lbs.
  • Medium duty pallet forks – Lifts up to 2,400 lbs.
  • Heavy duty pallet forks – Lifts up to 5,000 lbs.
  • Multi-spear ultra forks – Lifts up to 1,500 lbs.
  • Med/heavy duty debris forks – Lifts up to 4,000 lbs.
  • Round & square bale spears – Lifts up to 4,000 lbs.
  • Wood post & tree puller – Lifts up to 2,000 lbs.


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